April Higashi Jewelry

Hand Crafted Artisan Jewelry in San Francisco, Oakland & Berkeley, CA - April Higashi Jewelry

April Higashi 's work is inspired by the inexhaustible beauty of the natural world. Her creations are a reflection of nature’s rich color fields, subtle textures and unexpected juxtapositions. Renowned for her refined attention to detail, her pieces feel both fresh and contemporary yet ancient and timeless at the same time.

April’s work often features organic rose cut and rustic diamonds, precious metals, and exquisite enamels. Her many devoted clients return to her retail space, Shibumi Gallery, for the joy of selecting special pieces from her latest collection and for the unique experience of having April create one-of-a-kind treasures.

April has been working as a contemporary art jeweler, curator and gallery owner in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 20 years. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, she was voted in high school "most likely not to live in Utah” and since has made her home in the San Francisco Bay Area with her son Ando.

Her diverse career experiences include running her own jewelry company, working with the Susan Cummins Gallery, enamel apprenticing with June Schwartz, purchasing for the Paris-based Lilith clothing, art directing for the Jerry Garcia Estate, teaching at California College of the Arts and curating numerous exhibitions.

"With my work, I seek to create a simple sense of beauty and leave a timeless imprint for my audience’s reflection.”