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Layering Your Jewelry Workshop: with Fredrica
4:00 PM16:00

Layering Your Jewelry Workshop: with Fredrica

Layering Your Jewelry Workshop:
with Fredrica.

April 07, 2018 from 4-7pm. 

Come by for wine and nibbles and to meet her and play with us.
Feel free to bring some of your own pieces that you love. 

This event was inspired by our recent Shibumi Project session.  Real life stories about our clients, their jewelry and a story about them. Shibumi Project: We have a new story about one of our favorite women. Meet Fredrica. 

If one could describe a person as ageless, it would be Fredrica . Her dear friends call her Fred but I have adopted my own nickname for her, “Fd”, pronounced F.D. As I near my next decade in life, I am thinking more and more about aging. And I’ve realized that I hope I too might be thought of as ‘ageless’ – a quality that imbues Fred with endless vitality and grace.  
Story continues on our blog... 

photos by Cynthia E. Wood

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Valentine's Day Show: Modern Classics
12:00 PM12:00

Valentine's Day Show: Modern Classics

Valentine's Day Show: Modern Classics

Opening Reception Saturday February 10th

Join us for a glass of Donkey & Goat Sparking Wine
Ideal Diamond Dealer will be here 1-3pm if you want to look or learn about tradition Ideal Cut diamonds.
(Please email us in advanced if you are looking for a specific diamond.)

Featuring work by:
Claudia Alleyne
Nina Bukvic
Elisa Bongfeldt
Kate Eickelberg
April Higashi
Brandon Holschuh
Ideal Cut Diamonds Co.
Maya Kini
Tura Sugden
Ruth Tomlinson
Polly Wales


SHIBUMI GALLERY presents MODERN CLASSICS, a show of diamond and diamond alternative jewelry with an artful twist. Diamonds are among nature’s most beautiful and precious creations. Formed 100 miles below the earth’s surface, diamonds are made with intense pressure and heat from a single element: carbon. Diamonds have been considered symbols of longevity for centuries, used in wedding jewelry and for anniversaries. The breadth of choices has expanded to include more colors, diamonds with included markings, innovative cuts, and even raw diamonds from industrial purposes. Features that were formerly considered imperfections are now viewed as unique inclusions. The selection and styles are so much more broad and exciting.

Modern Classics features ten artists with their contemporary designs, a classic diamond dealer who will share his information about diamonds along side beautiful stationery by Hatguchi Collective for our Valentine’s day show.  Ideal Cut Diamond’s owner will be here from 1-3pm if you are interested in purchasing or looking at brilliant cut diamonds set in his classic Martini setting or purchasing to use in another designers setting. Please join us Saturday February 10th from 12pm to 7pm to see the show and celebrate with some Donkey and Goat Sparkling wine.

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Our 13th Annual Holiday Party + Show - LAYERS
5:00 PM17:00

Our 13th Annual Holiday Party + Show - LAYERS






December 02, 2017
Party & Reception Saturday 5-9pm

10% off this night only with mention of this email
(*excludes wedding and custom work)



SHIBUMI GALLERY presents LAYERS a holiday show featuring new jewelry work by APRIL HIGASHI, paintings and sculpture by LARI WASHBURN and textiles and clothing by OCELOT / ANGELINA DEANTONIS.  The works of these three artists combine layers of materials, techniques and concepts to create complexity and depth in their collections.

APRIL HIGASHI continues her exploration of organic forms and materials with the simple, quiet beauty of her designs.

Layers combines white bone, pearls, black tourmaline and red coral accented with organic diamonds and high karat gold.  Bronze beads have been set with diamonds and sapphires with a nod towards ancient forms and traditions.

April believes that with jewelry we can collect, curate and create using our bodies much as a painter would a canvas.  April’s works in this show are meant to accent and accentuate her past pieces.  By keeping a neutral palette and refined and elegant shapes and forms the wearer can layer these pieces with others to express a personal style or reflect a temporal mood or moment.

LARI WASHBURN's current work explores surface quality.  She believes that viewing and focusing on intricate patterns and textures can help integrate our thoughts and relax our bodies.  With a world so full of new ideas, instructions and information our minds seek a place to be able to rest.  Lari creates beautiful surfaces that fascinate and calm the viewer.  Studying the structures created by bubbles, roots, nets and rivulets she discovered the serene beauty of their patterning.

Lari uses acrylic paints to build canvases that have unique layered depths to their surfaces.  In 2012 she began working with clay and has found this to greatly inspire and inform her two dimensional work.

OCELOT / ANGELINA DEANTONIS’ collection for Layers evokes nighttime shadows, cool fog, rainy skies or winter seascapes.

Shapes and color intersect in the dye process, and patterns are formed by the manipulation of the cloth; folding, stacking, and binding with wood blocks, a derivation of ancient technique re-invented in Japan as “itajime”.

Through these patterns and color, Angelina translates her intrigue with vernacular architecture and ethnic clothing into rhythmic forms that are more evocative than literal or symbolic.

Small, random details reveal the unique processes she uses to create her work.

Ocelots textiles inspire creative and innovative styling – a piece might be found layering as a skirt over trousers, slung over the shoulders as a cape or shawl, or used in the home as pillows or a wall piece bringing dimension and energy to the space, while the colors evoke an experience in nature.

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Summer Sale!
to Aug 31

Summer Sale!

Summer Sale.   It's that time of year again.  We are cleaning up the studio and offering our clients up to 40% off select jewelry items for the month of August.  Most items are April Higashi Jewelry, however there are a few other artist's pieces that are included.  Come early to get the best selection!

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Contemporary Enamel
to Sep 26

Contemporary Enamel

Shibumi Gallery is pleased to announce Contemporary Enamel running from August 6 – September 25, 2016. An opening and artist’s reception will be held on September 10, 2016 from 5 – 8pm.

Enamel has been a prominent technique in fine jewelry making for centuries, and remains an important medium for artists to engage with color, form and texture.  Through the work of both established enamelists and upcoming artists, this collection of over 50 pieces demonstrates the diversity and range of enameling as practiced today. This show highlights many of these artists whose work represents a wide range of styles and materials referencing this old tradition and technique.

Contemporary Enamel  is co-curated by Elizabeth Shypertt and April Higashi.  Higashi first made her name in jewelry with her distinctive enamel work. Her early painted matte pieces immediately set Higashi apart in the jewelry world. Along with Elizabeth Shypertt, former owner of Velvet da Vinci, they have had the opportunity to discover and meet many new and exciting artists working in enamel. 

Participating artists include: Brooke Battles, Jamie Bennett, Jessica Calderwood, Kat Cole, Linda Darty, Helen Elliott, Karen Gilbert, April Higashi, John Iversen, Maya Kini, Deb Lozier, Sarah Perkins, Cheryl Rydmark, Marissa Saneholtz, Rachel Shimpock and Marlene True. All of the artists are based in United States and have exhibited both nationally and internationally. 

Contemporary Enamel is supported by the Center for Enamel Art 

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One on One
to Nov 30

One on One

  • Shibumi Gallery + Studio (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Stone Sale / Custom Appointment:

ALL through November, 25% off stones from our collection when scheduling a
one-on-one consultation for custom work with April Higashi.

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Inner Worlds
to Dec 31

Inner Worlds

April Higashi

Inner Worlds
November 15 - December 31, 2014
Opening & Artist Reception:
Saturday, November 15, 5-8pm

Inner Worlds references the often over-looked relationship between the human senses and our visual stimuli.  It is a rapport that can elicit feelings of beauty, peace, strength or inner tranquility and can be brought on by something as small as a reticulated stone, as immense as the night sky or by a chance encounter with a stranger who makes you take notice that the world is bigger than yourself.

This body of work contains portals to my visual interpretation of nature’s random and subtle beauty.  I hope these pieces might evoke a personal story or relationship we have with the environment and the world around us.


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to Dec 31


April Higashi / Seiko Tachibana

November 02 - December 31, 2013
Saturday, November 02, 5-8pm

Shibumi Gallery, in collaboration with the Cecile Moochneck Gallery, is pleased to announce the exhibition, Michi.

April Higashi
Jewelry artist, April Higashi, is known for her organic yet refined aesthetic.  With a conscious manipulation of time, nature and material, her pieces create striking allusions to the agrestal world.


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