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Contemporary Enamel

Shibumi Gallery is pleased to announce Contemporary Enamel running from August 6 – September 25, 2016. An opening and artist’s reception will be held on September 10, 2016 from 5 – 8pm.

Enamel has been a prominent technique in fine jewelry making for centuries, and remains an important medium for artists to engage with color, form and texture.  Through the work of both established enamelists and upcoming artists, this collection of over 50 pieces demonstrates the diversity and range of enameling as practiced today. This show highlights many of these artists whose work represents a wide range of styles and materials referencing this old tradition and technique.

Contemporary Enamel  is co-curated by Elizabeth Shypertt and April Higashi.  Higashi first made her name in jewelry with her distinctive enamel work. Her early painted matte pieces immediately set Higashi apart in the jewelry world. Along with Elizabeth Shypertt, former owner of Velvet da Vinci, they have had the opportunity to discover and meet many new and exciting artists working in enamel. 

Participating artists include: Brooke Battles, Jamie Bennett, Jessica Calderwood, Kat Cole, Linda Darty, Helen Elliott, Karen Gilbert, April Higashi, John Iversen, Maya Kini, Deb Lozier, Sarah Perkins, Cheryl Rydmark, Marissa Saneholtz, Rachel Shimpock and Marlene True. All of the artists are based in United States and have exhibited both nationally and internationally. 

Contemporary Enamel is supported by the Center for Enamel Art