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Lineage - The Birthstone Show


Lineage - The Birthstone Show 

May 04 - June 02, 2019

Jewelry + Clothing

*Opening Saturday May 04, 5-8pm 
Featured Jewelers: April Higashi, Claudia Alleyne, Elisa Bongfeldt, Julia Efimova, Kate Eickelberg, Maya Kini, Mew Chiu, Nina Bukvic, Raissa Bump, Ruth Tomlinson, Polly Wales, Sam Woehrmann.

Clothing by Natyalya Egorova

Shibumi Gallery presents Lineage -The Birthstone Show.  Each birthstone, or the gem associated with one’s month of birth, has it’s own folklore and unique meaning.   When worn it is said to enhance the natural properties of the stone. Since ancient times it is widely believed that wearing one’s birthstone is a symbol of wellness and good fortune.  The tradition of wearing birthstones can be traced back to 1st century Roman-Jewish history in which Aaron was said to have worn a breastplate into battle for protection set with the 12 different stones. While the designated stones for each month have alternated over time based on cultures, eras and fashion, the tradition of wearing a stone to mark a birth has always remained.

Births and the connections that are created from family are strong. The desire to continue a bloodline can be fierce.  People have fought wars and married into families simply to secure their bloodlines.

And the connection between a mother and child can be miraculous and mind-boggling.  As a mother myself, I sometimes feel as if I somehow absorbed my son’s own DNA into mine during pregnancy.  It is a wondrous experience to become a mother; from watching my son who grew from me and inside me to seeing him evolve into his own unique little soul.  

Like many others, I cherish the symbols that represent my family and those I am connected to. In honor of Mother’s Day and in celebration of all birthdays, at Shibumi Gallery we’ve decided to curate and dedicate a show to these gems which symbolize the creation of a lineage. Whatever the origin or actual properties the stone holds, a birthstone when given or bought expresses that you are special, loved and connected to a greater world. 

As well as showcasing unique birthstone jewelry we will also feature raw stones and organic cuts along with ideas of how you can combine birthstones in a tasteful way to symbolize the people who are meaningful in your life or even to honor your own birth day.

The jewelry will be shown alongside clothing by Natyalya Egorova.  Her collection is tailored with draped details that flatteringly contour the body. The collection features soft silks in solid colored basics and hand-painted silk prints inspired by abstract sensibilities. The natural fibers used in the collection are sourced from sustainable mills. All pieces are hand-tailored and she has a love for the hook and eye closure detail in some of her work.

Natayla Egorova, Twisted Dress, The Silent Collection, 2019  To see more of Natayla's work click    here.

Natayla Egorova, Twisted Dress, The Silent Collection, 2019

To see more of Natayla's work click

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